The Kally Recipe

The Kally Recipe

Kally started as a hobby in our kitchen and it took over a year—with the expert guidance of great chefs and sommeliers—to perfect the recipes for Kally. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot about making great non-alcoholic drinks. Kally’s uniqueness is the result of five principles that guide the crafting of every sip:

Keep it complex

A great non-alcoholic drink changes flavor and aroma as it moves across the palate or is paired with different foods. We accomplish this with more than a half dozen unique ingredients in each bottle of Kally, creating layers of flavor, tannin, acidity, and sweetness. 

Give it bite 

A great drink needs to have some bite. To the mind, the bite says “sip, don’t gulp.” Kally gets this bite from the acidity of verjus, a juice pressed from tart chardonnay grapes. Acids from vinegars or citrus are often too harsh. We find that grapes add a gentle, pleasing acid that gives Kally an acidity similar to a glass of wine. It triggers saliva production, intensifies flavors, refreshes the palate, and leaves you wanting more. 

Keep it (subtly) sweet

Kally gets its light sweetness from the organic juices of berries and tree fruit that we add to our recipes. Besides the obvious benefit of pleasant sweetness, it also adds viscosity to Kally, making our drinks feel more “full bodied.” That tingling sensation on the tip of your tongue after a sip of Kally? That’s the touch of natural sugar working its magic.

Embrace tannins

Tannin is a word that gets thrown around a lot but is poorly understood. Tannins are a compound found in many plants. They create a momentary drying sensation on the tongue, gums, or even lips while also contributing to a drinks astringency. The tannins in Kally come from teas and help create the same satisfying sensation you might get from other astringent foods like dark chocolate, coffee, or savory herbs. 

Use the good stuff 

We use only real-food ingredients in Kally and almost all are organic. These are the types of ingredients you can grow in a garden or buy at your local farmer’s market. There are no added artificial flavorings in any Kally. We pasteurize our beverages, which produces great flavors without needing to add unnecessary chemicals to preserve quality.