Can I Drink Kally When Pregnant?

Can I Drink Kally When Pregnant?

Admittedly it’s been a few years, but we still remember what it was like to not be able to enjoy a “special” drink while pregnant. Sparkling water just didn't really hit the spot. 

Good news: you can feel great enjoying some Kally while pregnant—and in the months that follow. Here are a few reassuring notes about our drinks:

Never Fermented, No Alcohol

Kally is a non-alcoholic beverage. None of the ingredients in Kally have ever been fermented. Kally is not dealcoholized—all of our ingredients are alcohol-free from the start.

Real Food Ingredients

We’ve painstakingly selected the ingredients in each Kally recipe, using only real food ingredients, like fruits, teas, and botanicals. You could find all the ingredients in Kally in a farmers market or natural grocery store. We left out any ingredients that pose some safety questions for pregnant or breastfeeding women—we have no roots, bark extracts, adaptogens or nootropics of any kind.


Monitoring your caffeine while pregnant? Kally is made using decaffeinated green and black teas.

Have more questions about Kally? We recommend reaching out to your doctor or health care provider.