Non-alcoholic | 750ml bottle 

Bottled from our own stash, this is the same verjus we use to make Kally. Made from young California chardonnay grapes, our verjus has the perfect level of acidity with a hint of sweetness. 

Verjus is what gives a non-alcoholic drink bite and flavor complexity, and adds essential acidity to sauces and dressings.

Enjoy our verjus for spritzing, sipping, or cooking.

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Verjus is such a versatile and dynamic ingredient that we couldn’t just keep it to ourselves. We love the creative potential that lives in a bottle of verjus…and we thought you might too. Explore what’s possible when you use verjus to make a drink, sauce, vinaigrette, or marinade. We can’t see what you create.


100% Chardonnay Grape Verjus

We harvest beautiful California chardonnay grapes by hand each August. We transport them to a local winery where they get pressed into the tart juice that is the base of every Kally drink.


Sip it, spritz it, or cook with it. Make our favorite simple cocktail or an easy salad with verjus vinaigrette.

Something Curious

Each year’s verjus harvest is different. Sweetness and acidity vary based on the weather, the vineyard plot from where the grapes are harvested, and many other factors. The grapes we use for Kally verjus are usually about half the sweetness of grapes picked to make wine. Learn more about our verjus harvest here.

House Notes

Making our verjus for Kally each year starts in the sunny vineyards of California, where we pick grapes a month before they’d otherwise be harvested to make wine. With the early pick date, our grapes are firm to the touch, tart, and contain just a hint of sweetness. 

We love verjus-making day. We pick grapes early in the morning as the sun rises, and immediately transport them from the fields to the vineyard. Trucks empty the grapes into chutes which destem the grapes before they’re crushed into golden juice and collected into large tanks. We then carefully filter the verjus to remove any impurities that might affect the quality.