Golden Sparkler
Golden Sparkler

Golden Sparkler

Spring '23 Release | Non-Alcoholic | 750ml Bottle | 365 Cases Produced

Delicate, tart, and bright. Notes of citrus and jasmine stand out in this complex sparkling wine alternative. 


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Tasting Notes

Golden Sparkler balances hints of sharp mint, dry tannins and sweet apple with the bite of verjus. In the world of Champagne, Golden Sparkler would be considered "Brut" due to its very subtle sweetness.


Oysters, gruyere cheese, grilled halibut, fried chicken, cheese puffs, and apple pie a la mode.


“Golden Sparkler is what happens when crisp, brightly acidic Chardonnay verjus meets floral, earthy Jasmine tea. Our team loved the notes of spearmint, strawberries, and apples… “ - Oset Babür-Winter, Food & Wine

“The cool kid… bringing the glitz to your party sans alcohol.” - Annie Lin, Elite Daily

Something Curious

If Golden Sparkler tastes shockingly similar to Champagne, it's possibly because both start with the same kind of grapes. Even though Golden Sparkler is never fermented (and contains no alcohol) it does contain the same acids as Champagne, malic and tartaric. These acids are gentle and familiar to our palates, making a sip of Golden Sparkler feel like reuniting with an old friend.


No alcohol. No added sugars. No funky additives. Per 5oz / 148ml serving: Calories 21, Sugar 4g


Verjus: Our Star Ingredient

Verjus adds magic to our non-alcoholic beverages. It’s crafted from young chardonnay grapes, picked early in the fields of California and pressed into a delicious, tart, golden juice. It gives Kally acidity and bite, while being alcohol-free.

Organic Apple
Crisp, fresh apples add a hint of sour and bring out a delicate sweetness.
Organic Spearmint
Clean, fresh and oh so cool, this aromatic plant brings a minty touch and a pinch of bitterness.
Organic Jasmine
Floral and fresh, dewy and delicate, sweet yet subtle. Our jasmine hits all the right notes.
Organic Green Tea (decaf)
Our green tea adds a herbaceous, earthy note, with a touch of sweetness.
Organic Black Tea (Decaf)
Tannins in this rich black tea create a dry finish and delicate astringency in every sip.

House Notes

The inspiration for Golden Sparkler originated with Champagne. We wanted to fill our glass with bubbles to celebrate the moments both big and small. It was important for Kally to mirror not only the flavors, but also the experience of drinking Champagne. To do this, we went so far as to consult with a French expert on the science of bubbles to elevate the carbonation in Kally. 

Golden Sparkler pairs beautifully with such a wide variety of great dishes. The crisp brightness makes it perfect for rich foods, where the acidity balances fats and sugars. And the delicate layers of mint and jasmine make it well-suited for refined dishes that demand a drink pairing with an equally elevated complexity.