Sparkling Duo

Sparkling Duo

Non-alcoholic | Two 750ml bottles

When only bubbles will do. Our Sparkler Duo is perfect for hosting, toasting, and everything in between.

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Tasting Notes

Golden Sparkler: Vibrant and complex, our Golden Sparkler has notes of citrus and jasmine balanced with fresh spearmint and sweet apples.

Rosé Sparkler: Dry and sophisticated, our Rosé Sparkler has notes of ripe strawberry and green melon, with a hint of floral tartness from organic hibiscus.


Kally is made with real food ingredients and nothing artificial. Our star ingredient is verjus, a juice that comes from young, tart chardonnay grapes. It adds the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity to every sip. View the ingredients in each of the Sparkling Duo bottles here: Golden Sparkler, Rosé Sparkler


“The cool kid… bringing the glitz to your party sans alcohol.” - Annie Lin, Elite Daily


No Alcohol. No Added Sugars. No Funky Additives. Per 5oz / 148ml serving: Golden: Calories 21, Sugar 4g. Rosé: Calories 24, Sugar 5g.

House Notes

When we craft our Sparklers, two things matter more than anything: balance and bubbles.

We obsessed over balancing sweetness and acidity to create the perfect adult drink. As soon as you sip a Kally Sparkler, the acid of the chardonnay verjus hits the tongue, producing a pleasant pucker, followed by the arrival of the lightest touch of sweetness from the fruit. This balance is essential for a great drink, and is what makes Kally pair so well with food.

Equally important: the bubbles! Our Sparklers have nearly the same level of bubbles as a great Champagne, giving extra refinement to each glass and enhancing the flavor notes of each ingredient. We’ll drink to that!