Curious About Kally Berry Fennel?

Curious About Kally Berry Fennel?

This one is our jammy blockbuster. Want to learn more? Kally founders Katie & Scott are answering all of your questions...

What is the backstory of Berry Fennel?

When we made Berry Fennel for the first time in our kitchen, we toasted fennel seeds in a skillet and then steeped the seeds into the drink in a tea filter bag. We loved the transformation…. a savory layer on top of the tannins and berry notes. But how to make the drink without standing in front of the stove, stirring fennel seeds, all day? After a hunt, we found a company that specializes in making coffee extracts that could pull the nutty toasted notes out of the fennel seeds the same way they did coffee!

What do you love most about Berry Fennel?

We’re in love with the cherry in the Berry Fennel. Ok…we know, cherry is not a berry! But the cherry gives this drink a beautiful nose —a little sweet, a little woody, with a hint of almond. But when Berry Fennel hits the tip of the tongue, the bite of the verjus balances the sweet cherry notes, infusing complexity and whispering “adult beverage.” 

How does Berry Fennel fit in the inaugural Kally lineup?

Berry Fennel is our big, friendly cheerful drink with a personality and a flavor profile that stands up to bolder food pairings. Berry Fennel is a happy partner-in-crime for a slice of pizza, a NY strip steak or serving of mom’s lasagna! 

What’s your favorite pairing with Berry Fennel?

We love Five Spice tofu with Sesame Noodles with a glass of Berry Fennel. Five Spice is usually made of star anise, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and… wait for it… fennel!

If I like Berry Fennel, what next? 

Orchard Sage is the #1 selling Kally, and a great pick if you’re looking for an easy drinking alternative to Berry Fennel.