This With That: Food Pairing Basics

This With That: Food Pairing Basics

Here’s the thing about food and drink pairings: it doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s all about finding the flavor combinations that taste good together—something you’re already doing when you’re adding seasoning to a dish or making a dressing. You want the foods on your plate to complement each other, so why not what’s in your glass too?

One of our go-to references when it comes to pairings is Big Macs and Burgundy by Vanessa Price. This book serves as a wine 101 while also walking you through a wide range of pairing options, like what to sip while you eat Cheez-Its and the best red to enjoy alongside Carbone’s spicy rigatoni. Whether you’re new to wine pairings or have just always wondered what goes with a Sweetgreen Harvest Bowl, this is the book for you.

We also happen to think that Price’s advice can be applied to Kally and that’s all thanks to verjus. The acidity and subtle sweetness from the verjus is what makes Kally pair beautifully with food in a way that many other low-acid, non-alcoholic beverages can’t replicate. Acidity rounds out sensations in the mouth, enhancing the flavors of food. (The acidity can also help cut through rich food and act as a palate cleanser.) As much as we love sipping Kally on its own, it really shines when paired with food. Here’s how to get started creating your own pairings…

Start experimenting
Pairing is about two fundamental ideas: contrasting flavors and mirroring flavors. It’s all about experimenting, which is what makes it fun.

Contrasting: Pick foods that oppose each other in some way, like salty and sweet. The key is here to create tension, balance, and complexity. This makes the food and drink better together than either would be individually. Fried chicken might pair well with a drink that has extra tang or crispness.

Mirroring: Use your drink to complement an element of the food you’re serving by combining food and drinks that have similar characteristics and flavors. For example, a drink with cinnamon might go well with apple pie.

Drink what you like to drink
The first thing to know about matching Kally with food is that there is no wrong way to pair. Trust your instincts and experiment. Taste the flavors in Kally and then imagine what foods would be a good match. And don’t feel like you have to find an elaborate dish to make a pairing work—like Price says in her book: “There are exceptional pairings to be had almost anywhere, from the local gas-station snack rack to your favorite Grubhub guilty pleasure order.”

Rose Sparkler being poured into a coupe glass on a table with olives and nuts.

What to pair with Rosé Sparkler
Our Rosé Sparkler is dry, fruity, and complex. It strikes the balance between sweet and tart. Here are a few of our favorite pairings, and text or email us with yours!

If you’re feeling snacky: Freshly shucked oysters, tomato bruschetta, fried chicken, and potato chips with caviar.

If you’re feeling fancy: Pork ribs, chicken schnitzel, mussels marinara, and duck tagine.

If you’re making a cheese board: Goat cheese, prosciutto, olives, and a fresh baguette.

If you’re in the mood for something sweet: Panna cotta, fruit tart, and chocolate-covered strawberries.

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