Curious About Kally Orchard Sage?

Curious About Kally Orchard Sage?

Want to learn more about Orchard Sage, our crowd pleaser? Kally founders Katie & Scott are going deep on inspiration, ingredients and more.

What is the backstory of Orchard Sage?

One of the very first people to taste Orchard Sage, an impressive alcohol industry veteran, took a sip and said, “Wow, I could drink this all night long!” It was a reaction we’ve heard again and again among chefs, somms, friends and customers. The success of Orchard Sage solidified the confidence that we could create a great non-alcoholic drink that forged its own path—rather than copying an alcohol-based alternative. 

What do you love most about Orchard Sage?

We love the mystery and intrigue of Orchard Sage. If we watch the face of someone drinking Orchard Sage for the first time, first we see a smile (AKA: “this tastes good!”), then a furrow of brow (AKA: “what exactly am I tasting?”). Sage is familiar, yet exotic. A very small percentage of drinkers guess sage, apple and elderflower without looking at the label.

How does Orchard Sage fit in the inaugural Kally lineup?

Kally is friendly, approachable and go-anywhere. It drinks beautifully on its own, and also brings a wide range of foods to life. More than any other drink in the Kally lineup, Orchard Sage is a certain-to-please gift or a go-to when it’s not clear which Kally to pair with a dish. 

What’s your favorite pairing with Orchard Sage?

Seared scallops with fresh fava bean puree! We know preparing fava beans is a real labor of love… but the earthy, nutty bean notes, combined with the sweet and buttery flavor of scallops are a match made in heaven for Orchard Sage.