The Verjus Mind F*ck

The Verjus Mind F*ck

“Kally messed with my mind!”

It’s something we hear a lot. And something we love to hear. We lovingly call this reaction the “Verjus Mind F*ck.” Kally does a good job of tricking the brain and it’s all thanks to our hero ingredient: verjus. 

Verjus is the secret to making great non-alcoholic beverages. It’s crafted from young chardonnay grapes, picked early in the fields of California and pressed into a delicious, tart, golden juice. And it’s what gives Kally acidity and bite, signaling to the brain to “sip.”

The importance of well-balanced acid in a drink can’t be overstated. It impacts flavor by activating the taste buds. Verjus’ acid helps Kally taste one way and smell another. It gives Kally the magical ability to change flavors on the tongue and taste differently depending on its pairing with a particular food. Plus, acid adds “finish” by letting flavor linger in the mouth after a sip is finished. 

What else has bite and flavor complexity? Alcoholic beverages do, of course. But Kally is alcohol-free and no ingredient in Kally has ever been fermented. This is the awesome power of verjus. A glass of Kally contains almost exactly the same level of acid as a great wine or an expertly-made cocktail. It teases the mind, giving Kally all the best aspects of an alcoholic beverage, but without, you know, the alcohol.

Hope Kally messes with your mind too!


Katie & Scott