Rosé Sparkler
Rosé Sparkler

Rosé Sparkler

Spring '23 Release | Non-Alcoholic | 750ml Bottle | 363 Cases Produced

Dry, fruity, and complex. Hints of strawberry and hibiscus combine in this sophisticated sparkling wine alternative.

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Tasting Notes

We introduce the vibrant color of Rosé using hibiscus flowers, which happily grow in the sun and heat of California. Beyond the rich color, the petals also release a tart berry flavor to Rosé, complementing the delicate sweetness of the strawberries we also add to the drink. The first sip awakens the senses, with the bite of verjus and the complexity of layered flavors.


Duck tagine, mussels, panna cotta, baby carrots and hummus, hot dogs on the grill, and strawberry rhubarb pie.


“The verjus-based bubbles, redolent with honey and jasmine, felt indulgent; an elevated beverage without alcohol.” - Carrie Honaker, Wine Enthusiast

“For pet-nat or lambrusco lovers, there’s a strawberry-hued rosé - fizzy and floral, with notes of ripe strawberry and hibiscus…offering bright, bold bubbles.” - Kate Dingwall, Forbes

Something Curious

Rosé Sparkler's vibrant rose hue comes from hibiscus flowers. The petals are also high in acid, imparting a tangy tartness in addition to color.


No alcohol. No added sugars. No funky additives. Per 5oz / 148ml serving: Calories 24, Sugar 5g


Verjus: Our Star Ingredient

Verjus adds magic to our non-alcoholic beverages. It’s crafted from young chardonnay grapes, picked early in the fields of California and pressed into a delicious, tart, golden juice. It gives Kally acidity and bite, while being alcohol-free.

Organic strawberry
Sweet and juicy, we add strawberry to bring out a refreshing fruity flavor.
Organic Hibiscus
This flower adds a tart and floral layer while giving our Rosé Sparkler its gorgeous hue.
Organic Spearmint
Clean, fresh and oh so cool, this aromatic plant adds a welcome minty note.
Organic Green Tea (Decaf)
Our green tea adds a herbaceous, earthy note, with a touch of sweetness.
Organic Jasmine
Floral and fresh, dewy and delicate, sweet yet subtle. Our jasmine hits all the right notes.
Organic Apple
Crisp, fresh apples add a hint of sour and bring out a delicate sweetness.

House Notes

Rosé wine has been having a moment for a (long) while—and we love the moment!

We drink Rosé Sparkler just as we would a bottle of sparkling rosé wine. It can be the perfect brunch or lunch addition, and also works well with evening meals. (Try it with fish or meat dishes that demand a pairing with more body and structure.) We even pour a glass of Rosé to add some sparkle after dinner, accompanying something sweet to cap off a great night.