Early Chardonnay

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Bright, zesty & balanced. Green pear, warm vanilla, and a hint of citrus that will make you want to move to Calif...

Bright, zesty & balanced. Green pear, warm vanilla, and a hint of citrus that will make you want to move to California. Crafted from early-picked Sonoma Chardonnay grapes.

Filled with body & brightness, "Early Chard" feels at home in any moment – from sunrise to sunset. Every sip delivers harmonious acidity with a long, tantalizing finish reminiscent of the embrace of warm Pacific sunshine.

This Kally creation was inspired by a quest to craft the ultimate pairing with the bounty of California’s fields and oceans -- from fresh Mendocino Dungeness crabs to heavenly Santa Barbara avocados.

This Kally is made with our latest verjus which is pressed from organic grapes. 

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Inside The Bottle

Verjus made with Organic Grapes, Organic Pear Juice, Filtered Water, Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, Organic Chamomile Extract, Organic Vanilla Extract, Organic Thyme Extract, Sea Salt.



"Served at more than 15 other Michelin-starred restaurants, Kally's bottles include Early Chardonnay, which is crisp, bright and changes flavor and aroma as it moves across the palate, similar to a fine wine."

— Christine Chitnis

Katie's Notes

In our Early Chardonnay, we've mirrored the subtle vanilla notes characteristic of an oaked Sonoma Chardonnay. This is achieved through the natural alchemy of vanillin, a phenolic compound found both in oak and vanilla beans. When wines are aged in oak barrels, this vanillin in the oak wood infuses into the wine, imparting those signature notes. In Early Chardonnay, we achieve this same aroma and flavor, by using vanilla beans themselves. 

Chardonnay Verjus

Crafted from young chardonnay grapes, picked early, and pressed into a delicious, tart, golden juice.

Organic Meyer Lemon

Our Meyer lemons contribute a complex citrus profile with hints of mandarin and a soft herbal quality

Organic Thyme

With its subtle, earthy flavor, this herb adds depth and aromatic complexity.

Organic Pear

Green pear adds a crisp freshness and gentle sweetness to each sip.