Rosé (Sparkler) All Day!

Rosé (Sparkler) All Day!

Want to learn more about Rosé Sparkler? Kally founders Katie & Scott are going deep on inspiration, ingredients and more.

What is the inspiration for Rosé Sparkler?

Nearly a year into our journey to make the Golden Sparkler, curiosity got the better of us. Friends around us were rosé obsessed—and we were tasting so many great rose wines ourselves, we thought, oh…why not try?

As we played with the possibilities, we got excited about building on the luxurious subtlety of the Golden Sparkler—and taking it in a new direction. Inspiration for ingredients flooded our brains and we headed to the farmer’s market.

What do you love most about Rosé Sparkler?

March in California gives many gifts, but one rises to the top for us: the start of strawberry season! We obsess over varieties (Albion, Camarosa, Chandler, etc.) and growing regions (Santa Cruz, Wattsonville, Santa Maria, etc). Many-a family dinner ends with a large clay bowl of berries at our table. A sip of Rosé Sparkler delivers everything we love about these strawberries to the taste buds and nose.

What’s the hardest part of making Rosé Sparkler?

We wanted to keep the Rosé Sparkler dry—with low sugar and a tart bite—but at the same time it demanded vibrant color and floral notes. Often, color and flavor come at the expense of adding more fruit and sugars. This was a tradeoff we would not make. 

We solved this puzzle with hibiscus. We use the calyx, the part of the hibiscus flower that surrounds the seed pod. The calyx is fleshly and naturally rosé colored, giving this Kally its trademark color. The hibiscus calyx also contributes a tart, slightly citrusy flavor which builds the intrigue and nuance in every glass. 

What do you taste in Rosé Sparker?

Rose sparkler shines in its complexity. Beyond the delicate strawberry and tart, bright hibiscus, we add jasmine, apple, and spearmint to create a magical sensory experience. Take a sip of the Rosé Sparkler with your eyes closed and see how many of these delicate ingredients you can discern. 

What’s your favorite pairing with Rosé Sparkler?

We’re big fans of serving Rosé Sparkler at brunch, where it makes fast friends with quiche, frittata, and bagels with lox. But Rosé shows well any time of day, and goes with everything from duck tagine to a light tomato pasta to mussels, hot dogs, and chicken on the grill. After a meal, try pairing with strawberry rhubarb pie, mochi, or cheesecake.