Curiosity Collection

Curiosity Collection

Spring '23 Release | Non-Alcoholic | Four 750ml bottles

Sip and savor your way through all of our non-alcoholic drinks with this four-bottle collection.

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Tasting Notes

Orchard Sage is herbaceous, tangy, and alive, while Berry Fennel accomplishes richness with earthy and bold notes. Golden Sparkler is vibrant and complex with notes of jasmine and citrus. Rosé Sparkler is dry and sophisticated with notes of strawberry and hibiscus.


Kally is made with real food ingredients and nothing artificial. Our star ingredient is verjus, a juice that comes from young, tart chardonnay grapes. It adds the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity to every sip. View the ingredients in each bottle in this collection here: Orchard Sage, Berry Fennel, Golden Sparkler, Rosé Sparkler


"The sophisticated blends of verjus (a juice pressed from young tart chardonnay grapes), decaffeinated tea extracts and botanicals create layered flavors that are unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. Even more impressively, they linger in your mouth, making each one a total experience." - Sara Goldstein, Motherly

“The cool kid at the party…bringing the glitz to your party sans alcohol.” - Annie Lin Elite Daily

House Notes

The Curiosity Collection showcases one of our favorite aspects of Kally: drinks that forge their own path. Kally offers complexity and sophistication while highlighting a wide assortment of organic, real-food ingredients.

As you sip each Kally in the Curiosity Collection, one of the first things you notice is the influence of acid (malic and tartaric) from the grapes in our verjus. The importance of well-balanced acid in a drink can’t be overstated. It impacts flavor by activating the taste buds. 

Verjus’ acid helps Kally taste one way and smell another. It gives Kally the magical ability to change flavors on the tongue and taste differently depending on its pairing with a particular food. Plus, acid adds “finish” by letting flavor linger in the mouth after a sip is swallowed.